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Community Action Against Addiction, Inc. (CAAA) is committed to providing effective quality, available and accessible services and addiction treatment to help the drug dependent individual lead a productive life as a law abiding citizen. CAAA will develop and maintain, through cooperative action, a program for the maximum development and mobilization of Greater Cleveland and community resources to combat illicit drug addiction.

CAAA is a culturally sensitive and proactive organization. CAAA is addressing the multiple needs of individuals eighteen (18) years of age and over by providing drug treatment and preventive services to substance abusers, and individuals in danger of using prescription and illicit drugs.

At the same time, CAAA is also identifying opportunities to prevent substance abuse disorders in the first place and to build resilience for people at risk for mental illness. CAAA programs focus on populations at high risk for co-occurring disorders, such as people experiencing HIV/AIDS, among others. Public and professional education are key elements of CAAA's ongoing activities targeted toward people with co-occurring addictive disorders. (Board of Trustees By Laws)


Continuous Quality Improvement